Particularities Of 90 Ball Bingo Online

March 27, 2017


Online bingo cannot boast of a vast diversity of the game variations as other types of the gambling games. Actually, there are three main variants of online bingo, and 90 ball bingo is one of them. It remains popular for many years and it is very eagerly played online by the bingo fans. 

From the name of the game, it is easy to understand that there are 90 balls in play on every single play, their numbers are from 1 to 90. TA ticket for 90 ball bingo has 15 numbers that are printed on it.  

15 numbers are printed on every 90 ball bingo ticket. There are three lines with 5 random numbers printed in every line. The numbers never in one ticket repeat. That is why each sold ticket will be absolutely unique. 

If you want to play 90 ball bingo online first you need to register on the bingo site, select a bingo room and buy the tickets. Some bingo sites offer very low prices for tickets, and sometimes they are given free of charge. When the game starts, the numbers are called out one by one. If a number coincides with any printed on your card, the bingo software will automatically cross it off. The first part of the game lasts till one of the players has a single line crossed off. The software calls house for a lucky player and gives them the single line prize. Then the game moves to the second part and is played for 2 lines win. The individual, who gets 2 lines of numbers dabbed off their bingo card, becomes a winner. 

The final part of the game begins, and the first person to dab off all 15 numbers becomes a winner. The prize for the final part of 90 ball bingo is the biggest.  

As described above the size of the prize depends on the part of the game. The lowest prize I s offered for a single line while the top prize is awarded for winning the full house game. 

Very often there is a special jackpot offered on 90 ball bingo games. In the most cases, it is a progressive jackpot and it keeps increasing until it is won. It is given to a player who gets a full house of numbers crossed off. 

In case when there is more than one winner, the prize is equally distributed between the winning players. 

It is worth mentioning that you can purchases tickets in advance for any upcoming bingo game. This allows participating in jackpot playing games even being offline. So it is wise to check the possibility to get pre-buying tickets when joining a bingo site. A big number of people managed to win jackpots with this option on 90 ball bingo games, so you should try it too. 

Now when you know the basics of 90 ball bingo game, select a bingo site with the help of our reviews and start playing. We are sure you will have much fun.