What You Should Know About 75 Ball Bingo Game

March 27, 2017


One of the most popular variations of Bingo games is 75 ball bingo. It is available on the most of online bingo sites and is loved by thousands of players. 

From the name of this game you can suppose that there are 75 bingo balls in the bingo machine, and thus the numbers on the cards will be from 1 to 75. 

The structure of the card implies 5 columns of 5 numbers. Occasionally, every column may contain bingo numbers of different colorus. The first column is often coloured red and contains numbers from 1 to 15. Alternatively, this column is listed under the letter B. The second column contains numbers from 16 to 30. Its colour is blue, or it goes under the letter I. The numbers placed in the third column are from 41 to 45, the colour is white, or the letter for this column is N. As you can understand, the numbers in the 4th and 5th columns are from 46 to 60 and from 67 to 75 consequently. The colours for these columns are green and yellow. 

Besides, we would like to mention that usually a bingo card has a free square in the centre. You can mark it off before the game begins. 

Now when you have the basic notion you can start playing. 75 ball bingo can be found on almost every online bingo site. You are welcome to choose the one for you after reading our reviews.  

When you log into the site you will need to find 75 bingo game among other bingo games listed. Find a 75 ball bingo room which offers cards at affordable for you prices. You may even come across some 75 ball bingo games that are played for free. 

As soon as you decide how many bingo cards you want to play, you can purchase them via the bingo software. When the game begins the numbers will be marked off automatically by the software if the number on a bingo ball coincides with the number on your card. 

Though there are various patterns of this game, the current one is always displayed on the screen. If you become the first player who achieves the winning pattern, the programme will stop the game and the winnings will be credited to your bingo account.

The single lines games are the patterns that are played in the majority of the cases, this means you need to cross off a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line of a bingo card. Often you will win in case you are the first to cross off all 4 corners of your card. 

If you want to get a big prize you should consider playing "coverall" or "blackout" games. You need to cross off each square on your card to win. Of course, these games last longer, but the prizes for them are bigger. 

In one word, 75 ball bingo game is simple and exciting, and you can quickly understand its principles during the play.

So choose a bingo site with the help of our reviews, and try your luck! We are sure you will have lots of fun.