Everything You Need to Know about Bingo Bonuses

July 05, 2017


Many people say that money brings most happiness when it comes from doing something one truly enjoys. If you are one of the millions of online bingo enthusiasts, you have plenty of options, which could increase your financial satisfaction. Probably the most obvious and the most reliable of these options is an online bingo bonus. Simply imagine this: not only can you treat yourself to playing your favorite game while being perfectly comfortable at your own home, but you can also receive some truly amazing financial rewards for doing it. Therefore, this article aims to introduce you to the concept of the best bingo bonus, to tell you a little bit about how they actually work, and to offer you some advice on how you too could get in on the action.  

How Do Online Bingo Bonuses Actually Work?

You might already understand how fierce the competition between different online gambling venues is. Undoubtedly, the online bingo room segment is no exception. In order to stay relevant in the consumer’s eyes and continue attracting new gambling enthusiasts, every casino has to offer an ever-increasing amount of various bonuses and deals. The most frequently used kind of bingo bonus that online bingo rooms usually provide nowadays is a match of a certain fraction of the amount you deposit into your account when you begin your online bingo experience. For instance, if an online casino promises to match 50% of your initial deposit, a deposit of $100 will be increased by $50 and your total account balance will equal $150. 

Obviously, had that bonus amount been credited directly to a player’s account it could lead to many individuals abusing the bonus offer. Hence, the amount of bonus may not be withdrawn until certain playthrough requirements are met. Let us continue the hypothetical example we created above and consider a situation where the $50 bonus comes with 4x requirements. This means that you will have to wager an accumulative sum of $200 before the $50 bonus may be released. When that happens the $50 bonus becomes just like any other funds that are in your account already. You are then entirely free to decide whether you want to gamble with that money or you would rather withdraw it back to your bank account. 

Bingo Registration Bonus

The essence of this type of bingo bonus probably becomes obvious by simply reading its title. Unsurprisingly, such bonuses are given to new members of an online bingo venue who recently signed up. There are three different ways in which the registration bonus operates nowadays. While the instant credit bonus and the release over time bonus are quite straightforward, the no deposit registration bonus probably needs some further explanation. Whenever you receive a no deposit registration bonus, you are effectively given free cash by the bingo platform to test their software. The three different types of bingo sign up bonuses are further explained below. 

Firstly, an instant credit bonus is automatically credited to your online account and is fully available to use once you make a deposit. This means that a 100% registration bonus simply doubles your $100 deposit. Whenever you login to your online account next, you will have a total balance of $200 instantly available to play. 

Secondly, a release over time sign-up bonus involves an offer that releases your funds gradually the more you play. If you make a deposit of $100, in order to actually receive the $100 bonus you will have to play bingo games of your choice. The exact amount of required plays varies a lot between different online casinos. 

Thirdly, a free bingo bonus sign up is basically free cash given to new members as soon as they sign up for an account. The idea behind it is to give a player an opportunity to discover the casino’s website, its software and properties, hoping the player will be attracted to the way the casino functions. 

How Do You Receive a Bingo Registration Bonus?

Typically, most online casinos provide an abundance of promotional offers and bonuses that could cause them to play their favorite game on that particular website. A bingo bonus sign up is simply one of the several types of bonuses that exist today and is usually given out right after one’s registration on a bingo website is complete. The amount that a particular online casino gives out to its newcomers is based on its internal matters and at their discretion. This explains why sign-up bonuses sometimes reach as much as $25, but bonuses worth a few dollars are also possible. 

What makes bingo sign up bonuses so important is the fact they help novice members to test the games and decide whether they like such an experience. Therefore, in many cases it is exactly the sign-on bonus that allows players to form an opinion about a particular online gambling venue and encourages newcomers to join it. For further convenience, gamblers may share their experiences and opinions with each other via chat, which enables them to eventually come up with a decision that is most informed and objective. We hope that this information will help you to pick the best bingo bonus for you!