How Much Could You Win Playing Online Bingo?

July 05, 2017


Probably you’ve heard stories that some fortunate players of bingo games win real money, but have not ever tried your luck online. So if you wonder what are the chances to win in bingo games and how much money it can actually bring, read this article. The amount of money one could expect to win playing online bingo depends on the particular website that is selected, as well as on pure luck. Nevertheless, there are some other factors that affect your potential winnings – like the frequency of playing online bingo, the amount of money you bet, as well as the quantity of gamblers in a particular game. 

There are many gamblers whose top priority while playing online bingo isn't exactly to win as much money as possible. What they care about for the most part is the pleasure they get purely by playing their favorite game, ignoring the potential financial rewards they could receive. There are others who appreciate bingo's social aspect, at the same time maintaining the hope to occasionally win some money.

Although small wins are obviously more frequent than huge jackpots, it doesn't mean that one should ignore the chance to win big money on online bingo platforms. As a matter of fact, there have been instances where the same person won more than one jackpot over a certain period of time. 

Let us now try to answer the most important question – how much could you actually expect to win while playing online bingo for money?


Online Bingo Produces Big Jackpot Winners

In order to get a good perspective on what real jackpots look like, it is quite enough to simply skim through the largest online bingo platforms available nowadays. For instance, if one considers Paddy Power Bingo, their ten highest jackpot winners ever vary from a rather lucrative sum of £20,352 to an astonishing £592,134!

On the other hand, listed winners at William Hill’s online bingo segment have won extraordinary amounts well over £100,000. Pretty much every online bingo website publishes information related to their highest jackpot winners, and in most cases these are likely to be anywhere between several thousand pounds and hundreds of thousands of pounds.


Small Bets Lead to Smaller Wins with the Chance of a Big Prize

The majority of online bingo players tend to see the game's flexibility as one of its most apparent advantages. Tickets here may be purchased for as little as 1p, and the average ticket in most games comes at a price of around 10p. Of course, bingo for money players can bet a significantly greater amount of money if they are confident enough about their chances to win. Obviously, this poses more risk and one has to spend more money at the beginning of the game, therefore gamblers usually prefer purchasing cheaper tickets and betting with smaller amounts of money. However, even such players that bet small money actually retain chances to win big money, but the probability of such outcome is a lot lower.


Timing Could Be Extremely Important

As a rule, more tickets tend to be sold on busier online bingo platforms, where many players are participating. The more tickets are sold, the better chance of winning the game, or at least of getting a fraction of the winnings is for each gambler. On the other hand, whenever one purchases cheaper tickets and there are many other players participating in the game, may lead to considerably fewer wins. In order to outweigh this risk, many gamblers decide to opt for games that are more expensive. As tickets here are offered for a higher price, there are usually fewer players in the game and those players are less likely to purchase many of the tickets for an individual gambler. 

One of the very useful ways to increase one's odds to win is to find out how many players are participating in the game of online bingo in that or another bingo room. However, not all online bingo websites reveal such information. If the number of players in a particular online bingo room is nowhere to be found, one could at least take into account the level of activity in a particular chat room. That would give you at least somewhat of an idea of how many players there are, and what your chances of winning are likely to be. Always remember the general rule – your chances to win big money are considerably higher whenever you are playing online bingo for money during early mornings or late nights, simply because there are not so many other players interested in the game at the time.


High Value of Tickets Can Generate Big Wins – but Fewer Players are Needed

Without a doubt, many gamblers are attracted to playing bingo online for money in one of the big jackpot games, where the main prize is worth several hundreds of thousands of pounds. Such enticing prizes encourage players to purchase more tickets, although they realize that such games are more expensive. 

The number of online destinations that allow you to play bingo nowadays is truly impressive. But it also makes a lot of sense to find the perfect hotspot for playing bingo and stick to it, as you boost your chances to win the big games rather significantly. Probably the smartest way to figure out the best online platform for playing bingo is to consider some of the lesser known websites and bingo rooms. 

In general, the amount of money you could possibly win while playing bingo games with real money depends on the particular online bingo room you select, the time of the day when you choose to play and the number of other gamblers active on the website at the time. So if you adore playing bingo games win real money, may good fortune always keep you company!